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Talk to an Above All Roofing & Contracting Ltd. representative today about the many benefits of installing skylights – and learn just how easy and economical it can be to bring the outdoors inside. Skylights let in five times as much natural light as windows of the same size and because it’s light from above, which diffuses and spreads throughout the room. It’s private light, meaning there are no worries about people seeing in — or breaking in. Another bonus is they offer the added benefit of reducing your utility costs.

Skylights are not only beneficial, they also give unique architectural feature as well.

A skylight can either be stationary or operable. For instance, there are skylights that are flat or dome-shaped providing illumination only. The operable skylights provide ventilation, opening manually, with a switch on the wall, remote control or through a high-tech automatic temperature sensor. Having a ventilating skylight is a great idea because it can let out hot air but not the cold air if the air conditioner is on because cold air stays near the ground level.

Modern skylights coming with low-e and tinted coatings to allow for greater control of heat transmission and UV radiation, along with being rated the same way as windows. Some other options for skylights include shades or blinds, and screens for those that open.

Skylights do not last forever, so if an existing skylight has had many years of use, it’s a good idea to have it replaced when a new roof is installed.

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