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Soffit & Fascia

Proper installation of soffits & fascia, complete the appearance of your home’s exterior and protect the underlying structure of your home.

Soffit plays such a vital role in ensuring a good airflow through the attic space.

Soffit is the underside of your roofs overhang. Vented soffit systems allow for ventilation from the soffit through to the attic ventilation system in a roof. By maintaining proper airflow through the attic system, condensation is kept at minimum, reducing buildup of ice along the eaves. This increases the life expectancy of a roof system. Most soffit systems are comprised of either vented or un-vented aluminum. In some instances soffit systems comprised of composite metals or wood can be installed on a home.

Fascia provides protection to the wood fascia of your homes structure and provides a visually appealing transition from your roof to the soffit.

The horizontal ‘fascia board’ which caps the end of rafters outside a building may be used to hold the rain gutter. The finished surface below the fascia and rafters is called the soffit or eave. In standard 10 foot lengths of aluminum, fascia’s pre-painted baked enamel allows for a finishing that withstands exposure to the elements.

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